Courtesy Copy Delivery

Delivering courtesy copies with the InfoTrack Exchange

What is courtesy copy delivery?

While many courts have transitioned to electronic filing, some judges and departments still require a printed copy of every court filing. Known as a courtesy copy, judge’s copy, or chambers copy, this is an exact copy of the filed document that is to be physically delivered to the same courthouse into which it was filed. 

This process can also be referred to as “lodging” documents with the court. 

What does a Tracker do?

When working courtesy copy delivery jobs, a Tracker will receive legal documents, print them, and collate them according to the local court rules (e.g., adding tags and section dividers where required). 

Once prepared, the Tracker will delivery the documents to the appropriate department or judges’ chambers at the courthouse. Courtesy copies are often time-sensitive and need to be printed and delivered within 24-48 hours of being received. 

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